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Signing Up as a Teacher by Invitation
Signing Up as a Teacher by Invitation

Join your school on Showbie!

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There are a few ways you can join Showbie and sign up as a teacher! If your school already has a Showbie subscription, your Showbie Admin can email you a personal invitation to join Showbie & your school. If you are a teacher and have received one of these invitations, this guide is for you! Welcome ✨

When you open your invitation to Showbie, you will see a clickable link to

"Join your school on Showbie." Upon clicking this link you will be prompted to walk through the sign-up steps to create your account.

After choosing to sign up using Microsoft, Google, Feide or email and entering the requested information, you will have successfully created your own Showbie account! You will automatically be joined to your school and connected with your school's fellow Showbie colleagues. Your Admin will then be able to upgrade you to Pro if needed.

Now that your account is all set up you can get started creating classes, creating assignments & adding documents.

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