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A place to keep all your notifications so nothing gets missed

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Note: Screenshots below are on an iPad running iOS 13.

Notifications in Showbie are all kept in one place so you can find them easily. To find it, look for the bell icon at the top-right corner:

A new window will open that will show your unread notifications:

Here, you can find all your unread notifications by default. You can tap on each notification which will take you directly to the location within Showbie whether that's in assignments, class discussions, or groups. This will also mark the notification as read.

For notifications from class discussions, this will be grouped together to keep your activity center clean.

You can also filter notifications if you're looking for something specific. Tap the Unread button to open the filter menu:

You can select filters by class, group, assignment, or person.

Depending on your selection, you'll find all the relevant notifications or a message to try again if none of your filters match what you're looking for.

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