Better Feedback Faster

Save time managing your assignment workflow, engage your students more deeply, and give rich personalized feedback to every learner.

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Once your students have been assigned lessons and activities, you’re ready to experience the power of Showbie. Here’s how Showbie is going to transform your teaching.

Know when activity is happening

Engage your students with rich annotation tools that personalize feedback.

Voice Notes

Post multiple voice notes, on the same document, directly where you need them to provide precise verbal feedback to learners.

Showbie Annotation Tools

Use the pen tool to mark up work, post multiple comments, and add text or emojis for more detailed feedback.

Tip: implement EEF feedback recommendations to create a continuous feedback loop to engage your learners more deeply with Showbie! Learn More.

Stay on top of your classroom workflow

Assignment Overview

With a high level view of all student work submitted, you can see what work is due from your students, manage all your feedback, and view progress or gaps in student learning.

Quick Marking

Save time flipping through stacks workbooks. Quickly toggle through individual student submissions, or by specific assignment questions, and provide better feedback faster.

PRO: complete all your marking using Showbie’s built-in Gradebook feature.

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