Assigning Classes to Teachers

Add co-teachers or transfer class ownership through the Admin Dashboard

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Do you have a teacher going on leave, switching schools, or partnering with a co-teacher? If so, you can easily assign a new teacher to an existing teacher's classes from the Admin Dashboard. The new teacher will be added as a co-teacher in the assigned classes.

How to Assign Classes

  1. In the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the 'Teachers' tab and search for the teacher who's classes you need to access.

  2. Click their name to open their Teacher Overview. Here you will see a list of that teacher's classes with the corresponding class codes. They can now be copied and added to the new teacher's account.

  3. Next, from the Teachers tab, search for the teacher that needs to be added to the classes, and click their name to open their Teacher Overview.

  4. Click Assign Classes, enter the class codes copied earlier, and click Assign Class to confirm.

Keeping Classes Secure

In addition to being a handy way to add teachers to classes, this will help keep your data secure by ensuring only the necessary teachers have access to class content.

If a teacher is moving on from your school, we recommend assigning their classes to another teacher using this method before removing the teacher from the Admin Dashboard.

Additional Notes

  • The “Copy Class Codes” option can be used to copy all class codes in the teacher’s overview page.

  • Clicking an individual class code will copy that individual class code only.

  • Classes will not be available to be assigned to another teacher if they have a co-teacher who is not an approved teacher at your school.

  • Assigning classes to teachers bypasses any class join settings.

  • If a teacher was previously blocked from a class, assigning them to the class will restore their access.

  • If you receive an error and a class cannot be assigned through the Admin Dashboard (for example, because the class contains an external co-teacher), the co-teacher can still join the class manually and have the current teacher approve their request to join.

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