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Accidentally Created a Teacher, Parent or Student account
Accidentally Created a Teacher, Parent or Student account

A fix for when you've created a wrong account by accident

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Did you mistakenly create a teacher account instead of a student account? Accidentally created a parent account using your email address instead of creating a teacher account or vice versa?

If so, don't worry! It’s really easy to free up your email address so that you can sign up again correctly. The steps to resolve this depend on how you created the account initially- whether you signed up to Showbie with SSO (Google, Microsoft, or Feide) or email and password.

If you Signed Up with Email:

First, sign into the account that you accidentally created. Our goal is to replace this account’s email address with a 'fake' email to free up your real one. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Tap on your profile picture

  2. Tap on Account and navigate to the email section

  3. Replace your email with a fake email address (tip: try replacing your domain with ie:

  4. Tap Save

There you go! Your email address is now freed up to sign up again. Here's how you can sign up correctly:

If you Signed Up with SSO

Sign in to your account that you accidentally created, and let's begin by disconnecting this Showbie account from your SSO:

  1. Tap on your profile picture to access your account settings

  2. Tap on Sign-In & Security

  3. Go to Set Password

  4. Now set up a new password for this account and tap Set Password

  5. Disable your SSO for this account by clicking on Disconnect next to the appropriate SSO option.

Now it’s time to free up your email address (covered in the prior section). Following the steps above will allow you to use your email address for a new Showbie account.

*Please note that students cannot edit their own name and/or emails in their Showbie account. If you are a student looking to change your account type, or a teacher/parent trying to assist, please contact

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