Getting Ready for the New School Year

Clear out your old classes and assignments without having to upload all of your resources again.

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Start of the year with a clean slate

With the school year ending, we understand that you’ll want to be able to get a fresh start in your classes without losing all of the assignments you’ve created. Showbie has a couple different features to help you out with that! Here are the steps you can take to set things up quickly.

  1. Create next year’s class and then copy assignments from the old class or create a copy of the old class – a new class doesn’t mean a new course load (note: copying a class will not copy students). Thankfully, Showbie’s got you covered and you can copy classes and assignments from your old class (everything in the shared folder will be copied). Tip: Copying assignments on the web app lets you copy assignments to several classes at once

  2. Assignment lock – you can lock the assignment so that students can’t access it until you decide to unlock it for them. Students will be able to see the assignment but they won’t be able to access the folder.

  3. Archive your old class – when you’re all set to say goodbye to your old class you can archive it to see it disappear from your class list. Don’t worry though! You can always unarchive it and all of the work inside will be saved. Once archived, students still joined to the class will no longer be able to see the class in their Showbie account. They’ll be able to see it again if you unarchive the class. Any items added to the portfolio will still be visible for the student if the class is archived. Learn more here.

  4. Optional Delete your old class – be careful using this feature since it means that you’ll lose everything permanently!

More Useful Features

Renaming a class or renaming an assignment – something every teacher needs to know (just in case).

Resetting the class code – restarting your class code will get you a new class code to share with your new students and makes the old class code unusable.

Blocking students (teacher) / Removing yourself from a class (students) – teachers can manually manage their class list by blocking students and students can remove themselves from any of their classes. It’s a useful feature to know when it comes to keeping your class list organized throughout the year. Another useful thing to note is that if a student removes him/herself from a class, then that student will be blocked from the classroom and the teacher will have to unblock the student before he/she can rejoin.

Co-teaching in Showbie – co-teaching in Showbie allows teachers to share assignments they’ve created with each other. Co-teachers can copy assignments to their own classes and collaborate easily!

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