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Getting students set up in Showbie is fast and easy.

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Let’s talk about students

You’ve explored a sample class and assignment. But what about students? Here are some tips to get your students started on Showbie, wherever learning happens.

Curious what Showbie looks like for your students? Check out the Student View.

Create student accounts

You can create accounts for your students, or students can create their own account through the app. All students need to get started is access to the app, a unique username, and a password. No student emails required for student account sign-up.

Share your class code with students

Once your students are signed up, they’ll need to join your class using a five-digit code. The class code is a unique code that enables students to join one or more classes. To get students into your class, you’ll need to provide them with the unique class code.

Have students join an open class

By default, new classes you create are open for students to join. Students can simply enter the class code and will immediately be admitted to your class. Just like that, you’re ready to start teaching!

Have students join a class by approval

You can choose to have students join your class “By Approval” in your class settings to keep your class secure and organized. When students enter the class code, you will receive a notification that a student has requested to join your class. Approving student requests to join a class is a great way to ensure the right students are joining the right classes.

Student Sign-on Options

If your school provides student emails, your students can also securely and easily sign-in to their Showbie account using a Google, Microsoft, and Feide single sign-on option (SSO).

You also have the option of providing your class with a scannable QR code to enable simple sign-on - ideal for younger years using iPads.

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