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Wrapping up the School Year as an Admin
Wrapping up the School Year as an Admin

Quick tips for administrative end-of-year cleanup!

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How should you wrap up your year, term, or semester? Here we outline a few housekeeping tips and overall digital best practices to help you set your school up for success in the new year or term.

Still getting to know the Admin Dashboard? Take a look here to find common FAQs to help you get started faster. Once you're familiar, sign-in to your Administrator Dashboard to get started with the process outlined below.

This guide will walk you through:

  1. Auditing your Teacher List & Securing your School

  2. Archiving your Classes & Exporting Content

  3. Reviewing School Analytics

Auditing your Teacher List

  • Approve Teachers: If you have new teachers joining your school who are already set up on Showbie, take the time now to approve them so that you'll be able to upgrade or downgrade them as needed.

  • Upgrade/Downgrade Teachers: Allocate and/or redistribute your teacher licenses. Regularly reviewing Showbie Pro licenses currently allocated will help you make sure you have all the available licenses you need, and that they've been assigned accordingly so that your teachers can jump back into Showbie with no disruptions.

  • Deactivate Teachers: If teachers have retired, switched schools, or simply moved on, you should make sure to deactivate their accounts in your Admin Dashboard. Note that deactivating a teacher simply blocks the account from signing in, so you will want to be sure to archive or reassign any of their classes to another teacher.

Securing your Showbie School

Take time to review the members of your team with Showbie Administrator privileges. Your current administrators can be found in the Admin Analytics Overview, and changes can be requested using the Request Import Services located in the top right corner of your Admin Dashboard home page.

While reviewing your teacher list, you may also want to resend email confirmations (easily done in bulk!) to any teachers who have not yet confirmed their email address. This confirmation is important to verify the identity of your teachers and be sure that they are able to receive notifications and reset their password.

Archiving Classes in Bulk

Think of this as Showbie’s version of graduation! We know it can be hard to say goodbye to graduating classes, but reminding your teachers to archive classes they no longer need is an important step in keeping Showbie accounts organized and secure in the Fall. You can archive classes individually or in bulk. Get started archiving classes here.

To archive classes in bulk, you can use the Import Services form located in the right hand corner of your Admin Dashboard.

Note: If teachers need quick access to any resources from the classes set to be archived, we recommend downloading the content to their device before archiving the class. Otherwise, it will need to be restored in order to access the content, and then archived again.

Reviewing Showbie Activity in Admin Analytics

Your Admin Analytics dashboard is your window into Showbie usage and engagement across your school and/or district. The end of the year is a great time to check on any key performance indicators you might have.

With just a few clicks you can review: subscription information, active teachers and students, video chat activity, school membership, class activity and rosters, teacher and student contributions, and Socrative license allocation.

Are you a teacher looking for advice on how best to wrap up your school year? Check out our guide here!

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